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Clerk's Office

November 2001
Review Granted
With Oral Argument

Last updated 11/20/01

Review Granted orders are provided here in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) in reverse chronological order.
Click here for more information on Acrobat format. To view an order, click on the case number.

November 20
SC01-1396 Media General Convergence, etc., et al. vs. Chief Judge of the Thirteenth
                Judicial Circuit
SC01-1398 Robert A. Butterworth, etc. vs. Chief Judge of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit

November 19
SC01-1397 Rolando Villazon, etc. vs. Prudential Health Care Plan, Inc.

November 8
SC01-2421 Advisory Opinion to the Attorney General Re: Florida's Amendment to
            Reduce Class Size
SC01-2422 Advisory Opinion to the Attorney General Re:  Protect People from the
            Health Hazards of Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke by Prohibiting Workplace

November 7
SC01-792 Integrated Health Care Services, Inc., et al. vs. Pauline Lang-Redway, etc.

November 2
SC01-1013 Thomas Parker vs. State of Florida

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