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Clerk's Office

October 2002
Review Granted
With Oral Argument

Last updated 12/03/02

Review Granted orders are provided here in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) in reverse chronological order.
Click here for more information on Acrobat format. To view an order, click on the case number.

October 30
SC02-796 Evelyn Barlow, etc. v. North Okaloosa Medical Center, Inc.
                (Modified 12/03/02)
SC02-1523 Marvin Nettles v. State of Florida

October 23
SC02-389 State of Florida v. Roberto Ruiz
SC02-524 State of Florida v. Curley Braggs

October 21
SC02-1206 Humana Workers Compensation Services, et al. v. Home Emergency
                        Services, Inc.
SC02-1481 Gerald Lynn Bates v. State of Florida

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