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Clerk's Office

January 2013
Review Granted
With Oral Argument

Last updated 08/22/2013

Review Granted orders are provided here in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) in reverse chronological order.
Click here for more information on Acrobat format. To view an order, click on the case number.

January 31
SC11-2511 Frank Special, et al. v. West Boca Medical Center, et al.

January 28
SC11-2254 Shawn Alvin Tracey v. State of Florida (modified 08/15/13)
SC12-988 Patricia Young, et al. v. Norva L. Achenbauch, et al. (modified 07/01/13)
SC12-1257 Travelers Commercial Insurance Company, Etc. v. Crystal Marie Harrington (modified 02/26/14)
SC12-2021 State of Florida v. Eric J. Drawdy (modified 06/20/13)
SC12-2571 A. Raymond Brooker, M.D., et al v. University Community Hospital, Inc., et al.

January 11
SC11-2292 Gilbert Dudley, III v. State of Florida (modified 01/11/13)

January 9
SC09-2358 Roberto Basulto, et al. v. Hialeah Automotive, Etc., et al. (modified 04/04/13)
SC12-577 Dean Kenneth Rockmore v. State of Florida (modified 7/18/13)

January 3
SC11-2567 Dwight Roberts v. State of Florida (modified 01/11/13)

January 2
SC11-1983 Pedro Gil v. State (modified 01/25/13)


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