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Clerk's Office

July 2014
Review Granted
With Oral Argument

Last updated 01/28/2015

Review Granted orders are provided here in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) in reverse chronological order.
Click here for more information on Acrobat format. To view an order, click on the case number.


July 31
SC14-54 Ivana Vidovic Mlinar v. United Parcel Service, Inc., et al.
SC14-564 State of Florida v. Lawrence Andrew Ingram (modified 01/08/15)

July 30
SC12-2212 State of Florida v. Chad Davis
SC12-2214 Chad Davis v. State of Florida

July 29
SC13-564 Jonathon Knight v. State of Florida (modified 01/27/15)

July 23
SC14-1200 Pat Barinter, et al., as Non-Parties v. League of Women Voters of Florida, et al.

July 21
SC14-414 Noel Plank v. State of Florida

July 11
SC13-1768 John Joerg, Jr., etc., et al. v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. (modified 11/14/14)

July 10
SC14-185 Citizens Property Ins., Corp., etc. v. Perdido Sun Condominuim Assoc., Inc., etc.

July 8
SC14-842 Jermaine C. Jackson v. State of Florida (modified 03/04/15)
SC14-1007 Joseph B. Doerr Trust, et al. v. Central Florida Expressway Authority, et al. (modified 01/27/15)

July 2
SC13-2083 Brian Bragdon v. State of Florida

July 1
SC13-2536 Carol Ann Jones, etc. v. Edward I. Golden, etc. (modified 02/04/15)
SC14-755 State of Florida v. Dean Alden Shelley (modified 09/23/14)




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