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Code of Judicial Conduct

Effective Date of Compliance
A person to whom this Code becomes applicable shall comply immediately with all provisions of this Code except Sections 5D(2), 5D(3) and 5E and shall comply with these Sections as soon as reasonably possible and shall do so in any event within the period of one year.

If serving as a fiduciary when selected as judge, a new judge may, notwithstanding the prohibitions in Section 5E, continue to serve as fiduciary but only for that period of time necessary to avoid serious adverse consequences to the beneficiary of the fiduciary relationship and in no event longer than one year.  Similarly, if engaged at the time of judicial selection in a business activity, a new judge may, notwithstanding the prohibitions in Section 5D(3), continue in that activity for a reasonable period but in no event longer than one year.