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A scheduling order has been added in the Governor's request for an Advisory Opinion on the judicial vacancy in Escambia County.

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Here you can find biographical information on the currently sitting seven Justices of the Supreme Court of Florida.

Florida Standard Jury Instructions
Florida Standard Jury Instructions

Florida Standard Jury Instructions in both Criminal and Civil Cases are now available on-line.

Public information
Public Information

Visit our Public Information page for Court news, high profile cases, summaries of cases pending before the Supreme Court, the Court calendar, and other Court-related current events information of interest to the press and public.

Clerk's Office
Clerk's Office

The Clerk's Office is the place to find information on all pending cases currently before the Supreme Court, such as briefs, disposition orders, and review granted orders, as well as more general information such as administrative orders, ADA information, and even directions to the courthouse.

Court Opinions
Court Opinions

A repository of recent official Supreme Court Opinions (written decisions on cases including the Court's reasoning for its decisions) and other documents that include amendments to Florida's court rules, proposed amendments, official reports, and links to external archives of Court materials.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in discussing your case? Looking to complain about an attorney or judge? Hoping to take a tour of the court? Take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - you might find some answers to your questions there.

Oral Arguments
Justice Pariente

Information on oral arguments before the Court - what they are, summaries of upcoming scheduled arguments, how to watch and listen to them over the Internet, and more.

Docket Search
Docket Search

Search the Florida Supreme Court's online docket for case information - you can search by case number, party or attorney name, the date filed, or even by the lower tribunal's case number.


Here you will find information on the Florida Supreme Court Library - the oldest state supported library in Florida - as well as the Library's online catalog.

Justice Pariente

Information on law clerk and staff attorney positions at the Supreme Court of Florida, as well as a link to job opportunities in the Florida State Court System.

Florida State Court System
Florida State Courts

Visit the home page for the Florida State Court System, which contains general information of concern to the public, attorneys, judges, and members of the press regarding the state judicial system at every level in Florida.

Education and Tours

Here you can find law-related educational materials such as information on the Justice Teaching Institute, Law Week, and CyberCourt, as well as information on tours of the Supreme Court of Florida.