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Feedback and Reviews:

Mock Oral Arguments:

"I wanted to thank you for hosting our students at the Supreme Court. You are great with middle schoolers.  Your patience and ability to breakdown the "Jingle Case" so that our students were excited to find out how it would be decided is remarkable.  The students were talking about search and seizure issues for two days after the field trip.  I had two kids almost go fist-to-cuffs as to whether thermal images and the use of dogs was a search or not at lunch.  Amazing! Thank you again and I look forward to have future trips to the Supreme Court."

Journey Through Justice Program:

 “Having participated in the Journey Through Justice Program over the past three years, I've found it to be the single most effective means of teaching my students about our judicial system.  Reading textbooks in a classroom can never match the hands-on experience that this program offers students.”

"The students really gained a wealth of first-hand knowledge about the judicial branch and its importance to our system of government. The tour was a wonderful opportunity for them to understand the role of the justices and the key players through the mock oral arguments. The students raved about the experience of sitting in the justices' chairs and role-playing as judges, attorneys, the marshal and the clerk. This experience will be something that they will remember for years to come!"

Making My Vote Count Program:

“We had a great discussion the next day. The students were truly excited about the whole field trip. They felt smart and prepared, and the whole program made learning the information and standards all year very real and relevant.”

“Much thanks. The staff made the trip and planning so easy for us all. The kids raved and so did the parents. Truly, this was my favorite field trip of all my teaching career.”