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    Volunteers leading a Mock OA

    "The students really gained a wealth of firsthand knowledge about the judicial branch and its importance to our system of government. The tour was a wonderful opportunity for them to understand the role of the justices and the key players through the mock oral arguments. The students raved about the experience of sitting in the justices' chairs and role-playing as judges, attorneys, the marshal and the clerk. This experience will be something that they will remember for years to come!"

    - Beverly Gordon, teacher


    The Mock Oral Argument Experience is for 5th grade through college students. This is a volunteer-led program that allows students to act out an oral argument using a hypothetical case (see cases below). Students have the opportunity to be justices, attorneys, the Clerk and the Marshal.

    Mock Oral Arguments are scheduled on a limited basis and are only for classes less than 25 students.


    The Florida Supreme Court reserves the right change the type of tour requested based on scheduling conflicts, staffing constraints or changes in the nature of the tour.

    The Florida Supreme Court reserves the right to cancel any tours that conflict with its normal operation of business.

    Mock Oral Arguments take approximately 75 minutes but are scheduled in 90 minute intervals. To gain the most out of the experience, it is best if teachers conduct preliminary class work prior to arrival. It is preferred that groups allow 90 minutes for a Mock Oral Argument Tour. The cases are chosen from a variety of topics.

    Pre-Visit Teacher Material:

    Request a Tour Using the ON-LINE Tour Registration Form



    Follow the links below to review the case facts for each hypothetical case. Teachers can request a particular case when scheduling a visit.

    5th - 6th Grades

    The School Uniforms The School Search
    The Silent Protest  


    7th - 12th Grades

    The K-9 Search The GPS Search
    The Juvenile Curfew The Cell Phone Search
    Censoring the School Newspaper Random Drug Testing in Shools
    The School Search The Trash Search
    The Silent Protest Violent Video Games
    Vulgar Speech in Schools The Dog Sniff Case
    Prom Night Alcohol Test The ID Stop
    The Anonymous Tip
    The Election Case

    Many of the cases have been provided courtesy of The Florida Law Related Education Association, Inc.