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Standard Jury Instructions - Criminal

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    The Honorable F. Rand Wallis, Judge, Fifth District Court of Appeal

    The Honorable Rodolfo A. Ruiz II, Judge, Eleventh Judicial Circuit

    The Honorable John Duryea, Jr., Judge, Twentieth Judicial Circuit

    The Honorable Lisa D. Campbell
    Judge, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit

    The Honorable Steven Levin, Judge, Nineteenth Judicial Circuit

    Ms. Kathryn Strobach, Attorney at Law, Miami, FL

    Mr. Benjamin Fox, Assistant State Attorney, Eighteenth Judicial Circuit

    Ms. M. Caroline McCrae, Assistant Federal Public Defender, Southern District of Florida

    Mr. James Schneider, Assistant Statewide Prosecutor, Orlando

    Ms. Catherine A. Marlowe
    Assistant State Attorney
    Ninth Judicial Circuit

    Ms. Ashley Cox
    Attorney at Law
    Jacksonville, FL

    Chief Justice Jorge Labarga
    Supreme Court Chief Justice
    Committee Liaison


    Mr. Bart Schneider
    Office of the State Courts Administrator

    Mr. Jett Conn
    Office of the State Courts Administrator