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    Briefs & Other Documents in the
    Aileen Wuornos Case

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    Individual briefs and other documents in Acrobat format:
    (Updated 10/8/2002)

    Order Dismissing Backhus Letter (10/8/2002)
    Backhus Cover Letter to Motion on Competency (10/8/2002)
    Motion to Declare Wuornos Incompetent (10/8/2002)
    Order Denying Motion & Dismissing Petition for Stay (10/8/2002)
    Motion to Proceed as Next Friend (10/7/2002)
    Motion for Stay (10/7/2002)
    Notice of Appearance (10/7/2002)
    Governor's Order Dissolving Stay (10/2/2002)
    Order Regarding Appointment of Counsel (10/1/2002)
    Disposition Order (9/27/2002)
    Raah Singhal Letter (Filed 9-26-2002)
    Wuornos Warrant (9-5-2002)
    Order Discharging Counsel (4-1-2002)
    Order Supplementing Record (12-13-2001)
    Motion by CCRC (10-1-2001)
    Motion to Expedite (7-9-2001)
    Order (7-3-2001)
    Response 6th Circuit (7-2-2001)
    Response CCRC (7-2-2001)
    Motion for Rehearing (6-26-2001)
    Wuornos Letter (06-25-2001)
    Court Order (6-13-2001)
    Letter to the Court (6-11-2001)
    Letter to the Court
    Response of Attorney General
    Response of CCRC

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