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    Documents in the 2000
    Presidential Election Cases

    Media Relations During Bush v. Gore


    Florida Supreme Court - Opinion on Remand
    Florida Supreme Court - Order on Remand
    U.S. Supreme Court Per Curiam Opinion 12-12-2000
    Justice Stevens' Opinion 12-12-2000
    Justice Souter's Opinion 12-12-2000
    Justice Ginsburg's Opinion 12-12-2000
    Justice Breyer's Opinion 12-12-2000
    Justice Rehnquist's Opinion 12-12-2000
    Mandate of the U.S. Supreme Court
    Florida Supreme Court Opinion on Seminole County Absentee Ballots
    Florida Supreme Court Opinion on Martin County Absentee Ballots
    Florida Supreme Court Opinion on Recounts - On Remand
    Order of U.S. Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore
    Florida Supreme Court Opinion in Gore v. Harris
    Opinion of the U.S. 11th Circuit Court (Siegel)
    Opinion of the U.S. 11th Circuit Court (Touchstone)
    Opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court on Recounts
    Mandate of the U.S. Supreme Court on Recounts
    Florida Supreme Court Opinion on Recounts
    Florida Supreme Court Opinion on Palm Beach Balloting
    Note: Dissenting opinions appear at the end of the above.

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    Archived RealPlayer video of the arguments is available from:

    NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: The Code of Judicial Conduct governing behavior by judges forbids the Justices of the Florida Supreme Court to discuss pending cases with the public.  Please do not call the Court expecting to speak with a Justice about the election case.  If you have a comment to make, please mail it to the Clerk's Office at 500 S. Duval St., Tallahassee FL 32399.  However, the Court is only allowed to consider arguments made in court arguments and documents filed by actual parties in the case.  They cannot ethically read or consider any other opinions or arguments about the case.  Thank you.

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    Various Cases

    Postings 1-24-2001
    Order on Butler
    Postings 12-30-2000
    Reply to Butler Response
    Postings 12-28-2000
    Response of Butler
    Postings 12-22-2000
    Opinion on Remand
    Postings 12-19-2000
    Butler Order to Show Cause
    McCauley Reponse to Motion to Dismiss
    Postings 12-14-2000
    Motion to Dismiss
    Order on Remand
    Order on Record
    Postings 12-13-2000
    Order on Davis
    McCauley Order on Timeliness
    Suggestion of Mootness
    Answer Bay County
    Answer of Harris
    Answer of Bush
    Order Denying Taylor Supplemental Brief
    Order in Motion to Adopt
    McCauley Certification
    McCauley Order
    Postings 12-12-2000
    Order Striking Reply Brief
    Reply Brief
    Opinion on Seminole County Absentee Ballots
    Opinion on Martin County Absentee Ballots
    Taylor Motion to Supplement
    Taylor Supplemental Brief
    Jacobs Supplemental Authority
    Pro Hac Vice King
    Pro Hac Vice Marker
    Postings 12-11-2000
    Opinion of the Court on Recounts - On Remand
    Amended Pro Hac Vice Jacobs
    Order on Clancy
    Order on Certain Voters
    Order on Boswell
    Order Ginsberg 00-2447
    Order Ginsberg 00-2448
    Notice of Martin Canvassing Board
    Jacobs Brief
    Answer Bush
    Answer Brock
    Appendix Brock
    Answer Martin
    Appendix Martin
    Answer Seminole
    Pro Hac Vice Bush
    Taylor Brief
    Answer Brock
    Appendix Brock
    Answer Harris
    Answer Martin
    Appendix Martin
    Pro Hac Vice Bush
    Postings 12-9-2000
    Order Returning Record
    Order Denying Stay
    Gore Reponse to Motion for Stay
    Postings 12-8-2000
    Jacobs Briefing Schedule
    Taylor Briefing Schedule
    Bush Motion for Stay
    Opinion of the Court
    Order on Gore Motion for Leave
    Order on Bush Motion to Clarify
    Order on Roseborough
    Order on Motion for Leave
    Order Pro Hac Vice Legislature
    Motion Pro Hac Vice Roseborough
    Motion Pro Hac Vice Legislature
    Gore Motion to File Reply
    Gore Reply to Bush Clarification
    Bush Motion to Clarify
    Bush Clarification
    Postings 12-7-2000
    Butler Notice
    Order on Frankel & Rossin
    Order on Raue
    Order on Clark
    Postings 12-6-2000
    Schedule for Arguments
    Order Pro Hac Vice Bush Counsel
    Order NIOL
    Order Pro Hac Vice Boies & Steinberg
    Order on Bush Amended Brief
    Order on Carr Motion
    Bush & Cheney Amended Brief
    Brief of Gore & Lieberman
    Thrasher Brief
    Answer Cruce
    Answer Butler
    Answer Harris
    Brief of Bush & Cheney
    Bush Amended Supplemental Brief
    Order Bush Motion to Supplement Brief
    Nassau Answer
    Miami-Dade Answer
    Order on Gore Motion to Expand Brief
    Gore Motion to Expand Brief
    Order on Pro Hac Vice Corrigan, Etc.
    Motion Pro Hac Vice Klain
    Motion Pro Hac Vice Newman
    Motion Pro Hac Vice Pincus
    Motion Pro Hac Vice Robinson
    Motion Pro Hac Vice Sandler
    Motion Pro Hac Vice Steinberg
    Brief of Intervenors Carr, Etc.
    Palm Beach Answer
    Postings 12-5-2000
    Bush Motion to Supplement
    Bush Supplemental Brief
    Harris Motion to Amend
    Amended Brief Harris
    Amicus Brief Legislature
    Amicus Brief Tom Rossin
    Amicus Brief Lois Frankel
    Amicus Motion Tom Rossin
    Amicus Motion Lois Frankel
    Gore Supplemental Brief
    Harris Supplemental Brief
    Butterworth Supplemental Brief
    Waiver of Butler
    Palm Beach Supplemental Brief
    Scheduling Order
    Press & Courtroom Procedures
    Order on Participation by Legislature
    Bush Request for Briefing
    Transcript of Judge Sauls' Order
    Postings 12-4-2000
    Legislature's Motion to Participate
    Certification by 1st District Court
    Order on U.S. Supreme Court Remand
    Answer by Butterworth
    Waiver by Harris
    Initial Brief by Butler
    Postings 12-1-2000
    Opinion of the Court in Fladell/Katz
    Order Consolidating Fladell/Katz
    Order in Al Gore Petition
    Order on Pro Hac Vice Boies/Klain
    Butler Scheduling Order
    Butler Certification by 1st District Court
    Katz Notice of Supplemental Authority
    Postings 11-30-2000
    Notice of Filing by Harris
    Fladell Notice of Supplemental Authority
    Petition by Al Gore
    Rogers Motion to Proceed
    Rogers Notice of Filing
    Rogers Trial Court Complaint
    Fladell Transcript
    Katz Motion to Consolidate
    Postings 11-29-2000
    Order Pro Hac Vice Chester
    Amended Pro Hac Vice Chester
    Bush Notice to Adopt
    Katz Brief
    Palm Beach Notice to Rely
    Harris Notice to Adopt
    Motion Pro Hac Vice Chester
    Katz Order on Amici Curiae
    Postings 11-28-2000
    Order on Banzhaf
    Order on Rogers' Motion to Amend
    Order American Way
    Katz Briefing Schedule
    Amended Brief by Rogers
    Motion to File Amended Brief by Rogers
    Initial Brief by Fladell
    Answer by Harris
    Answer by Bush
    Amicus American Way
    Motion by Prof. Banzhaf
    Motion American Way
    Notice of Waiver
    Rogers' Brief Part 1
    Rogers' Brief Part 2
    Rogers' Motion to Expedite
    Second Certification of 4th District Court
    Order on Amici Curiae
    Postings 11-27-2000
    Scheduling Order (Palm Beach)
    Certification of 4th District Court
    Order Denying Bush Motion to Intervene
    Postings 11-23-2000
    Order of the Court
    Bush Motion to Intervene
    Petition by Gore
    Postings 11-22-2000
    Request of Butler
    Dismissal of Extraordinary Writ
    Postings 11-21-2000
    Court Opinion on Election Cases
    Reponse to Bush Motion by Broward
    Response to Bush Motion by Gore
    Bush Motion to File Response to Reply
    Bush Reponse to Reply
    Order on Watts Amicus
    Order on Bhushan Amicus
    Order on Libertarian Party
    Order on Exhibits
    Order on Pro Hac Vice for Gore
    Postings 11-20-2000
    List of Attorneys & Parties (updated)
    Utrecht Pro Hac Vice
    Tribe Pro Hac Vice
    Pincus Pro Hac Vice
    Kleinfeld Pro Hac Vice
    Klain Pro Hac Vice
    Order on Pro Hac Vice
    Motion to Allow Exhibit
    Notice of Supplemental Authority
    Gore Notice of Filing of Transcript 
    Postings 11-19-2000
    List of Attorneys & Representatives
    Order on Harris Motion to Modify
    Order on Harris Motion to Amend
    Order on Gore Motion to Enlarge Brief
    Attorney General's Reply
    Broward Supervisor's Reply
    Broward County Reply
    Gore Reply
    Harris Motion to File Amended Brief
    Harris Amended Answer
    Gore Response to Motion to Modify
    Gore Motion to Expand Brief
    Butler's Reponse to Motion to Modify
    Answer by Katherine Harris
    Answer by George W. Bush
    Answer Brief by Butler
    Motion to Modify Oral Arguments
    Postings 11-18-2000
    Order Realigning Parties
    Brief of Al Gore
    Motion to Realign Parties
    Notice of Appearance
    Brief of Broward
    Brief of Attorney General
    Order Striking Pope & Brunner
    Order Denying Thakurs
    Order Denying O'Neal
    Palm Beach Notice of Reliance
    Notice by Miami-Dade on Recount
    Order Dismissing Volusia County
    Voluntary Dismissal of Volusia County
    Postings 11-17-2000
    Order on Amici Curiae
    Scheduling Order & Granting of Oral Argument
    Courtroom Procedures
    Order Imposing Stay
    First Certification by the District Court of Appeal
    Second Certification by the District Court of Appeal

    Case Number 00-2346

    Postings 11-17-2000
    Order on Hunt Motion to Intervene
    Order on Pro Hac Vice
    Order on Motion to File Supplemental Appendix
    Postings 11-16-2000
    Motion to Supplement Appendix
    Supplemented Appendix Part 1
    Supplemented Appendix Part 2
    Supplemented Appendix Part 3
    Supplemented Appendix Part 4
    Order of the Court
    Order on Amended Motion
    Amended Reply by Intervenors
    Amended Motion by Intervenors
    Reply by Intervenors
    Reply by Broward County
    Reply by Palm Beach County
    Motion for Pro Hac Vice
    Motion by Hunt to Intervene
    Reply by Hunt
    Order of the Court on Harris' Motion to Amend
    Katherine Harris' Amended Response
    Katherine Harris' Amended Motion
    George W. Bush's Response
    Katherine Harris' Response
    Attorney General's Response
    Attorney General's Exhibits
    Postings 11-15-2000
    Order of the Court
    Petitioners' Amended Factual Allegation
    Broward County Motion
    Broward County Petition
    Motion to Intervene by Democrats
    Petition from Palm Beach County
    Motion to Intervene by George W. Bush
    Motion to Consolidate by Bob Butterworth

    Case Number 00-2347
    Postings 11-21-2000
    Postings 11-16-2000
    Case Number 00-2345
    Postings 11-15-2000
    Order of the Court
    Notice of Consent
    Motion by Stephen Pope
    Motion to Intervene by Democrats
    Motion to Intervene by George W. Bush
    Supplement to Petition by Katherine Harris
    Emergency Petition by Katherine Harris
    Appendices Part 1
    Appendices Part 2
    Appendices Part 3
    Appendices Part 4
    Appendices Part 5
    Appendices Part 6
    Appendices Part 7
    Appendices Part 8
    Appendices Part 9
    Appendices Part 10
    Appendices Part 11