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    Welcome to the Florida Supreme Court Public Information Pages. Below you will find the most-used feature of the Public Information collection, our high-profile cases and other high-profile matters. The navigation bar on the left gives you access to other pages in the Public Information collection. Archived High-Profile Cases also are on-line. You can contact court spokespersons in other Florida courts by referring to the list maintained by the Florida Court Public Information Officers, Inc.

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    High-Profile Case Description   Links
    12-07-2016 City of Tallahassee v. Erwin D. Jackson   SC16-2131
      This case involves a challenge to the residency of a Tallahassee city commissioner.    
    12-06-2016 John Goodman v. State of Florida   SC16-1752
      This case involves a challenge to FDLE regulations on DUI blood tests done under the state's implied consent statute.    
    12-05-2016 John Doe v. State of Florida   SC16-1852
      This case looks at whether judges can hold Baker Act proceedings using videoteleconferencing.    
    11-30-2016 Estate of Lawson v. Shands Hospital   SC15-1827
      This case involves questions of liability for a patient escaping a mental hospital who was killed when she then ran onto a nearby Interstate highway.    
    11-29-2016 Advisory Opinion to the Attorney General: Voting Restoration Amendment   SC16-1785
      This proposed amendment to the state Constitution would restore voting rights to certain persons convicted of crimes. The Florida Supreme Court must review it to see if in meets the minimum standards for ballot placement.    
    11-29-2016 Flo & Eddie v. Sirius XM Radio   SC16-1161
      This case involves a copyright dispute arising from Sirius XM Radio broadcasting songs by the popular 1960s band "the Turtles."    
    11-28-2016 Patrick Albert Evans v. State of Florida   SC16-1946
      Petitioner seeks a writ to stop the "death qualification" of a jury in a pending capital case set to begin October 31, 2016, in light of the recent opinions in Hurst v. State and Perry v. State.    
    11-23-2016 Joanne McCall v. Rick Scott   SC16-1668
      The Florida Education Association and others have challenged the state's tax credit scholarship program.    
    11-23-2016 Leon Davis Jr. v. State of Florida   SC11-1122
      This case asks how the U.S. Supreme Court opinion in Hurst v. Florida applies to pending death penalty appeals in which the jury unanimously recommended the death penalty.   SC13-1
    11-15-2016 Larry Darnell Perry v. State of Florida   SC16-547
      This case asks whether Florida's new death penalty procedure statute can be applied retroactively to prosecutions already underway when it was adopted.    
    11-09-2016 William Williams v. State of Florida   SC15-1417
      This case challenges a statute that lets the state punish people for refusing to take a breath test in a traffic stop.    
    11-04-2016 Advisory Opinion to the Attorney General: Rights of Electricity Consumers   SC15-2150
      This case involves a proposed amendment to the state Constitutution on the rights of electricity consumers, also know as the Smart Solar initiative.    
    11-03-2016 Timothy Lee Hurst v. State of Florida   SC12-1947
      The U.S. Supreme Court has declared part of Florida's death penalty statute unconstitutional and remanded the case to the Florida Supreme Court for further proceedings.    
    11-02-2016 Florida Solar Energy Industry Ass'n v. Ken Detzner   SC16-1995
      This petition seeks a writ of mandamus to remove from the November 8 ballot Amendment 1, a proposed constitutional amendment on solar power.    
    10-26-2016 The Florida Bar v. Christopher Chestnut   SC16-1589
      The Florida Bar seeks an emergency suspension of Mr. Chestnut’s Bar membership    
    10-18-2016 Dalia Dippolito v. State of Florida   SC16-1605
      This case seeks a writ of prohibition in a pending murder case.    
    10-17-2016 Advisory Opinion to the Attorney General: Voter Control of Gambling   SC16-778
      This case involves a proposed amendment to the state Constitution on voter control over casino gambling.    
    10-10-2016 Cary Michael Lambrix v. Julie L. Jones   SC16-56
      This case asks how the U.S. Supreme Court case in Hurst v. Florida affects Florida cases in which the death sentences previously was imposed.    
    10-10-2016 Carol Scott v. Mike Hogan   SC16-1337
      This case involves the question of whether the presence of a write-in candidate in a state attorney election closes the primary.    
    10-04-2016 Sarasota Doctor's Hospital v. Sarasota County   SC15-2292
      This case involves a dispute about a 2003 law directing Sarasota County to reimburse private hospitals for indigent care.
    09-29-2016 Allstate v. Orthopedic Specialists   SC15-2298
      This case involves 32 consolidated cases over PIP insurance coverage and its relationship to Medicare fee schedules set by law.    
    09-16-2016 David Rivera v. Commission on Ethics   SC16-1654
      Former state Rep. David Rivera is challenging ethics charges brought against him.    
    09-08-2016 The Florida Bar v. Maria Elena Perez   SC14-733
      The Bar has brought ethics charges against Perez for her work in an NCAA probe of University of Miami athletics.   Docket
    08-25-2016 The Florida Bar v. Robert D. Adams & The Florida Bar v. Adam R. Filthaut   SC14-1054
      These two Florida Bar members have been charged with ethics violations related to the DUI arrest of opposing counsel in a case.    
    08-23-2016 Judith W. Hawkins v. The Florida Bar   SC16-1502
      Former Leon County Judge Judith Hawkins has filed a petition for reinstatement as a member of The Florida Bar following her 2015 suspension.    
    08-16-2016 Gainesville Woman Care v. State of Florida   SC16-381
      This case involves a temporary injunction blocking a new statute requiring women to wait 24 hours before having an abortion after they first seek medical advice.    
    07-20-2016 Bradley Westphal v. City of St. Petersburg   SC13-1930
      This case involves a dispute over disability benefits for an injured firefighter.  
    06-09-2016 Dale Lee Norman v. State of Florida   SC15-650
      This case challenges the constitutionality of Florida's statute restricting the "open carry" of firearms.    
    06-03-2016 Lawsuits regarding mid-term judicial vacancies   SC16-783
      These cases address how trial judges are to be selected to fill vacancies on the bench.  
    04-28-2016 Marvin Castellanos v. Next Door Company, et. al.  



    This case asks whether the state workers’ compensation statute violated the Constitution when it restricted attorneys’ fees in a claims case.



    04-28-2016 Daniel Stahl v. Hialeah Hospital   SC15-725
      This case challenges the constitutionality of Florida's workers compensation law.    
    04-27-2016 Diane Bengivengo v. Federal National Mortgage Association   SC16-405
      This case challenges the use of senior judges in certain foreclosure cases in the Sixth Judicial Circuit.    
    04-19-2016 Gretna Racing v. Fla. Dept of Business & Professional Regulation   SC15-1929
      This case asks whether local voters can authorize the operation of slot machines in counties outside of Dade and Broward.    
    03-31-2016 League of Women Voters v. Ken Detzner   SC14-1905
      This case is about the legal validity of Florida's 2016 congressional districting maps.   Docket
    03-18-2016 AHCA v. Baker County Medical Services   SC15-2217
      These consolidated cases ask whether a Baker County hospital can challenge plans for a new Jacksonville medical center.   SC15-2218
    03-02-2016 Mark James Asay v. Julie Jones   SC16-102
      This case asks whether the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Hurst v. Florida applies retroactively to death penalty cases decided before another U.S. Supreme Court decision, Ring v. Arizona, was issued in 2002.    
    Ana Maria Cardona v. State of Florida   SC11-1446
      This case is Cardona's automatic appeal to the Florida Supreme Court for her conviction and death sentence.   Docket
    01-22-2016 Florida Department of Revenue v. DirecTV   SC15-1249
      This case challenges a state law that taxes satellite television providers at a higher rate than cable TV.    
    01-19-2016 John Connolly v. State of Florida   SC15-1585
      This case involves the second-degree murder conviction of former FBI agent John Connolly.    
    12-23-2015 Florida Workers' Advocates v. State of Florida   SC15-1255
      This case involves review of a District Court of Appeal case declaring Florida's workers compensation laws valid.    
    12-17-2015 Advisory Opinion to the Attorney General: Medical Marijuana   SC15-1796
      The Attorney General has asked the Court to review a proposed constitutional amendment to authorize certain medical uses of marijuana.   Docket Docket
    11-20-2015 Planned Parenthood v. MMB Properties   SC15-1655
      This case centers on a dispute about whether Planned Parenthood is barred from performing abortions in a Kissimmee medical park because of deed restrictions.    
    11-19-2015 Certification of the Need for New Judges  


    The 2016 Certification of the need for new judges was issued.  Certification then will be considered by the Legislature. Historical Information on Certification also is available.



    11-12-2015 The Florida Bar Re: Advisory Opinion - Scharrer v. Fundamental Administrative Services   SC14-1730
      This case is about a proposed advisory opinion from the Standing Committee on the Unlicensed Practice of Law.   Docket
    10-08-2015 Florida Bar v. Christopher M. Chestnut   SC14-1870
      The Florida Bar has brought ethics charges against Mr. Chestnut in connection with a lawsuit he filed against rap artist Plies (Algernod Washington) and other matters.   Docket
    09-25-2015 Enock Plancher, etc. v. UCF Athletics Association, et. al   SC13-1872
      These cases involve the amount of damages a state college athletic program owes for injuries to a student athlete.   SC13-1874
    09-16-2015 The Florida Bar Re: Advisory Opinion - Activities of Community Association Managers   SC13-889

    This case is about a proposed advisory opinion from the Standing Committee on the Unlicensed Practice of Law regarding activities of community association managers.

    07-21-2015 In Re: Petition to Raise Bar Dues   SC14-1165
      A number of Florida lawyers have petitioned the Court to raise Bar dues to pay for legal services and court access.   Docket
    07-17-2015 The Florida Bar v. Janice Jennings   SC14-1218
      The Florida Bar filed a complaint that this attorney has caused or may cause serious harm to her clients.   Docket
    07-02-2015 Advisory Opinion to the Attorney General: Local Solar Electricity Supply  


      This proposed amendment to the state Constitution would limit or prevent government and electric utility barriers to supplying local solar electricity. SC15-890 is the Financial Impact Statement.  


    06-17-2015 In re: Petition for Disciplinary Revocation of Stephen Christopher Diaco   SC15-874
      Diaco as petitioned the Court for disciplinary revocation of his law license related to the ethics charges brought against him in SC14-1052.   Docket
    06-11-2015 Alachua County, et al. v. Expedia, Inc.   SC13-838
      This case involves a dispute over taxes paid by online travel companies to counties.   Docket
    05-01-2015 Arthenia Joyner v. Florida House of Representatives   SC15-813
      Several Florida Senators seek a writ a mandamus to compel the House of Representatives to reconvene.   Docket
    01-02-2015 Richard R. McDade v. State of Florida   SC13-1248
      This case involves the admissibility of audio recordings made by the victim into evidence at trial.   Docket
    12-22-2014 Michael A. Pizzi, Jr. v. Rick Scott, Governor  



    Former Miami Lakes Mayor is suing Gov. Rick Scott in an effort to reclaim his mayoral office.



    12-18-2014 League of Women Voters v. Data Targeting   SC14-987
      This case asked the Florida Supreme Court to prohibit the First District Court of Appeal from blocking the use of certain evidence in a redistricting trial.   Docket
    12-12-2014 Bainter v. League of Women Voters  


      This case involves alleged evidence held by nonparties in a lawsuit over the 2012 Florida congressional districts.  


    12-11-2014 Morris Publishing v. Florida Dept. of Education   SC14-691
      This case asks about an award of attorneys fees in a public records case involving FCAT scores.   Docket
    10-06-2014 Debaun v. State of Florida   SC13-2336
      This case asks whether laws governing sexually transmissible diseases apply only when the parties involved are a man and a woman.   Docket
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    2014 Administrative Order. The Court issued a new Order on the subject.

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    2008 Report. A Report filed in 2008 is available.

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    2007 Filings. On June 20, 2007, an Interim Report and Cover Letter were filed with this Court. As a result, the Chief Justice Issued a revised Moratorium order on September 7, 2007.

    Other documents filed with this Court on April 2, 2007, are available.

    2006 Court Order & Limited Moratorium. On July 3, 2006,the Court released an Order in response to the Report of the Committee on Privacy & Court Records along with a new Limited Moratorium on certain electronic releases of court records. The order was later implemented by an Administrative Order issued August 21, 2006.

    Group 3. A Request of the Court for comments on Group 3 of the Report is available. Comments will be accepted until May 1, 2006. View the current Comments on Group 3.

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    The members of the Florida Supreme Court in their administrative capacity have invited persons who commented on the Report on Privacy & Court Records, Group Two Recommendations, to speak to the Court on April 19 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. ET. The meeting will be in the courtroom in Tallahassee.

    Group 1. Pursuant to a prior Request of the Court, comments on Group 1 of the final Report were accepted until February 1, 2006. Check Comments on Group 1. A hearing on Group 1 issues was held March 1, 2006, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. ET at the Supreme Court Building in Tallahassee.

    Full Report. The seven segments of this Report were submitted to the Court in September 2005. They are the Cover, Cover Letter, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5. On May 6, 2005, the Committee on Privacy & Court Records issued its earlier Draft Report.

    Prior Matters. On February 13, 2004, an Amended Moratorium Order was issued in this matter. Other Documents include the Report of the legislative Study Committee on Public Records released Feb. 15, 2003.


    Archived High Profile Cases   Archives
    Earlier high profile cases can be found in the Archives. These include highly publicized cases such as the 2000 presidential election appeals, the Schiavo cases, and the Aileen Wuornos murder conviction appeals.    

    Privacy Statement: Documents linked on this page are exempt appellate cases or have been inspected and designated as cases of significant public interest under AOSC03-49 (Nov. 25, 2003).