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Briefs & Other Documents in Case No. 09-1264

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Individual briefs and other documents in Acrobat format:

09-1264_012710_Appendix B (Roth).pdf

09-1264_012710_Appendix C (Roth).pdf

09-1264_012710_Comments w Appendix A (Roth).pdf

09-1264_012910_Comments (Kirk).pdf

09-1264_012910_Comments (Shapiro).pdf

09-1264_020110_Appendix (FJA).pdf

09-1264_020110_Appendix (Twerski).pdf

09-1264_020110_Appendix A (STW).pdf

09-1264_020110_Comments (Eaton).pdf

09-1264_020110_Comments (Fein & O’Connor).pdf

09-1264_020110_Comments (Fender & Rudock).pdf

09-1264_020110_Comments (FJA).pdf

09-1264_020110_Comments (Gassler,et al.).pdf

09-1264_020110_Comments (Litten,et al).pdf

09-1264_020110_Comments (Lumish & Caldwell).pdf

09-1264_020110_Comments (Patterson,et al.).pdf

09-1264_020110_Comments (Rogers,et al).pdf

09-1264_020110_Comments (Seipp).pdf

09-1264_020110_Comments (STW).pdf

09-1264_020110_Comments (Twerski).pdf

09-1264_020210_Comments (Clarke & Mena).pdf

09-1264_020210_Comments (Fulton, et al).pdf

09-1264_020310_Comments (McClure, et al).pdf

09-1264_021910_Response (Farmer).pdf

09-1264_022210_Response (SJI-Civil).pdf

09-1264_022210_Response (Stewart).pdf

09-1264_071609_Appendix A.pdf

09-1264_071609_Appendix B.pdf

09-1264_071609_Appendix C.pdf

09-1264_071609_Appendix D.pdf

09-1264_071609_Appendix E.pdf


09-1264_120809_Publication Notice.pdf

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