Oral Argument Press Summaries
January 28, 2003

The following summaries are drawn from briefs and lower court judgments. They are meant to provide a general idea of facts and issues presented in cases, and should not be considered official court documents. Facts and issues presented in these summaries should be checked for accuracy against records and briefs, available from the Court, which provide more specific information.

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Florida Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Arrive early. Times & order of appearance are tentative and subject to change with no notice. Cases may be postponed due to exigent circumstances.
Case Time Facts & Issues Place of Origin
Johnny L. Robinson v. State of Florida

Death Warrant Case

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9:00 Robinson was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death for the August 1985 murder of Beverly St. George in Pellicer Creek Cemetery. His sentence was affirmed on appeal. The Governor has signed a death warrant to be carried out February 4, 2004. St. Johns County

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