Oral Argument Press Summaries
October 26, 1999

The following summaries are drawn from briefs and lower court judgments. They are meant to provide a general idea of facts and issues presented in cases, and should not be considered official court documents. Facts and issues presented in these summaries should be checked for accuracy against records and briefs, available from the Court, which provide more specific information.

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Florida Supreme Court Oral Arguments
Tuesday, October 26, 1999
Arrive early. Times & order of appearance are tentative and subject to change with no notice. Cases may be postponed due to exigent circumstances.
Case Time Facts & Issues Place of Origin
Anthony Braden Bryan v. State of Florida

Nos. 96,802 & 96,821

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9:00 (exact time TBA) Bryan was convicted and sentenced to death for the August 1983 murder of George Wilson, whom he had kidnaped near Pascagoula and later killed in a rural area in Santa Rosa County, Fla. He is scheduled for execution at 7 a.m. October 27. He is challenging the validity of his sentence based on several grounds, including the way the electric chair functions and alleged impairment of his attorney at trial due to abuse of alcohol. Santa Rosa County
Terry Melvin Sims v. State of Florida

No. 96,818

View briefs in Acrobat format by clicking the case number(s) here

9:00 (exact time TBA) Sims was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death for the December 1977 murder of George Pfeil, an off-duty deputy sheriff who had entered a pharmacy while it was being robbed by Sims and three other men. He is scheduled to be executed at 7 a.m. October 26. He asks for a stay and challenges his sentence. Seminole County

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