John A. Tomasino, Clerk

John Tomasino

John A. Tomasino, Clerk 

John A. Tomasino is the Clerk of the Court at the Florida Supreme Court. Prior to his appointment as Clerk in 2013, Mr. Tomasino was the administrative director in the Public Defender's Office for the Second Judicial Circuit based in Tallahassee. His duties there included supervising a budget of $7.1 million and a staff of 125 employees in the counties surrounding and including Tallahassee. He also supervised the Public Defender's transition to newer technologies at the start of the Twenty-First Century.

Tomasino is the Twenty-First Clerk of Court since statehood was granted to Florida in 1845. He was sworn in November 4, 2013, by Chief Justice Ricky Polston in a ceremony before the full Court at the start of a Monday's oral arguments -- a tradition for new clerks named to this constitutional post.

Mr. Tomasino was born and reared in Tampa, where he attended the University of South Florida. He attended Florida State University's College of Law, graduating in 1996. Tomasino has lived in Tallahassee since 1994 and is married to attorney Kathy Butler.

As Clerk of Court, Tomasino is responsible for the official files and papers of the Court and assists the Justices in their official duties.

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