Educational Resources


Looking for online education materials? This one-stop-shop will help build a better understanding of the courts and the judicial branch.

Welcome to the Court Video

This short six-minute video explains Florida’s court structure and provides an overview of the Florida Supreme Court.

Understanding the Florida Supreme Court

Information about the Florida Supreme Court. Compare the Fl. Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Understanding the Judicial Branch

Learn about Florida's Judicial Branch and our court system. What's the difference between a trial and appellate courts?

Understanding Jurisdiction

What cases must the supreme court accept? What does jurisdiction mean?

Understanding Oral Argument

What is an oral argument? Are cases retried at the supreme court? Find the answers here.

Opinions & Decisions of the Court

Like all courts, the Florida Supreme Court decides cases in two ways -- by order or by opinion. Learn more.

Landmark cases before the Court

High Profile cases with links to oral arguments, case summaries, and classroom materials.

How the Courts Compare

Comparisons between Federal v. State System; Trial v. Appellate courts; Florida v. U.S. Supreme Court; TV v. Real Life Courtrooms.

Court-related Infographics & Videos

Find links to videos on various topics and court-related infographics.  

Online Self-Guided Tour

Enjoy this virtual tour of the supreme court building.