Senior Judges


Senior judges are a vital judicial resource.  Senior judges significantly improve the services that Florida’s courts are able to provide citizens. 

For instance, the continued public service of senior judges enables parties to:

  • have better and speedier access to courts.
  • shortens trial calendars.
  • reduces backlogs.
  • mitigates interruptions that are caused when judicial offices are vacant or when active judges are unable to serve because of illness or other reasons. 

The chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court has “the power to assign justices or judges, including consenting retired justices or judges, to temporary duty in any court for which the judge is qualified.”  The chief justice also has the authority “to delegate to a chief judge of a judicial circuit court the power to assign judges for duty within that circuit” (Article V, section 2(b), Florida Constitution).  The judges who are assigned to temporary judicial duty are known as senior judges.

Clearly, both Florida's judicial system and the people of Florida benefit from the service of these competent, experienced jurists.

Application to become a SENIOR JUDGE

Please contact Della White at (850) 488-4973 for more information about the application process.

Requesting Public Records on Senior Judges

Most Supreme Court documents about the appointment of senior judges are public records under the Florida Rules of Court. To request records about senior judges, members of the public or the press should send a written request by email to the Public Information Office of the Florida Supreme Court at Requests cannot be made by telephone because Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.420 requires that all requests be in writing for purposes of state record-keeping.

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