Court News

Press Release: Florida Supreme Court Warns of Scam Emails Targeting the Public

2/13/19, 7:51 AM

Press Release: Florida Supreme Court Warns of Scam Emails Targeting the Public

Press Release: Florida Supreme Court Announces New Interim State Courts Administrator

2/12/19, 9:15 AM

The Florida Supreme Court has named as its new Interim State Courts Administrator Lisa Goodner Kiel, who has worked in Florida state government for over 35 years.

Welcome, Justice Muñiz

1/22/19, 2:01 PM

The Florida Supreme Court has a long tradition of having at least one member who was a practicing lawyer at the time of appointment. That tradition continued Tuesday when Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Carlos G. Muñiz as the 89th Justice since statehood.

Welcome, Justice Luck

1/14/19, 12:39 PM

A school's greatest reward comes when a former student returns as a successful adult. Today, Robert J. Luck stood in the same place where he went to kindergarten and grade school, Scheck Hillel Community School in North Miami Beach, and watched the Governor make him the 88th Justice of the Florida Supreme Court since statehood in 1845.

Chief Justice Charles Canady Administers Oath of Office to Governor

1/9/19, 1:22 PM

By long tradition, Florida's Chief Justices usually swear Governors into office. It happened again Tuesday when Chief Justice Charles Canady gave the prescribed oath to Florida's new Governor Ron DeSantis on the east steps of the Old Capitol Building in Tallahassee.

Welcome, Justice Lagoa

1/9/19, 1:45 PM

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis named Barbara Lagoa of Miami-Dade County as the 87th Justice of the Florida Supreme Court since statehood in 1845. She is the first Cuban American woman as well as the first graduate of Florida International University to serve on the state's highest court.

Judicial Papers Donated to the Florida Supreme Court Library and Archives

1/9/19, 1:08 PM

Retiring Justices Barbara J. Pariente and Peggy A. Quince donated some of their judicial papers to the Florida Supreme Court Library and Archives. 

Press Release: New Smartphone-friendly Website

12/27/18, 9:06 AM

Press Release: December 27, 2018 - Florida Supreme Court launches first smartphone-friendly website today.

Justice Quince Appointed 20 Years Ago

12/8/18, 10:35 AM

Exactly twenty years ago today. On December 8, 1998, a lower appeals court judge and former Central Florida assistant attorney general named Peggy A. Quince was elevated to the Florida Supreme Court by Governor Lawton Chiles. She was the first African-American woman ever appointed. 

Justice Lewis Appointed 20 Years Ago

12/7/18, 11:28 AM

Twenty years ago today, a West Virginia native with a distinguished college football career in Florida was named to the state's highest court. Few of the wizened Tallahassee capital news reporters who attended the press conference will ever forget what happened next. 

Justice Pariente Appointed 21 Years Ago

12/10/18, 1:45 PM

Twenty-one years ago today, a West Palm Beach judge named Barbara J. Pariente was suddenly cast inside Tallahassee's intrusive world of public scrutiny. It happened on December 10, 1997, when Governor Lawton Chiles named her as just the second woman who ever served on the state's highest court. 

Chief Justice Canady on Open Ninth podcast

11/26/18, 8:25 PM

In the newest episode of Open Ninth, Chief Justice Charles Canady joins Ninth Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Fred Lauten to shed some light on the judicial branch of government, giving us an insider’s look into the Florida courts.

Farewell, Justice Pariente article

11/13/18, 2:51 PM

Retiring Justice Barbara Pariente shares some poignant memories and incisive insights about her 21 years on the supreme court. Including what issues and accomplishments make her "beam with pride."

Farewell, Justice Lewis article

11/15/18, 12:30 PM

Retiring Justice Fred Lewis shares his memories about his 20 years on the supreme court. Including the important impact teachers had on his life and career.

Farewell, Justice Quince article

11/14/18, 6:57 PM

Retiring Justice Peggy Quince shares her poignant memories and incisive insights about her 20 years on the supreme court. Including the case that was a "shining moment for the court."