The Statewide Grand Jury

Under the Florida Statutes, the Governor may petition the Florida Supreme Court to impanel a statewide grand jury to investigate crimes or wrongs. The petition, order of impanelment, and governance of the statewide grand jury are controlled by sections of Chapter 905, Florida Statutes. The specific provisions are sections 905.31 to 905.40, Florida Statutes. The Governor's petition must state the general crimes or wrongs to be inquired into and that those crimes or wrongs are of a multicircuit nature.

The Supreme Court may order the impanelment of a statewide grand jury in accordance with the petition for a term of 12 calendar months. Upon petition by a majority of the statewide grand jury or by the legal adviser to the statewide grand jury, the Supreme Court may issue an order extending the term of the statewide grand jury for a period of up to six months.

The jurisdiction of the statewide grand jury extends throughout Florida. It has the authority to investigate a list of offenses enumerated in section 905.34, Florida Statutes.

Once impaneled, the statewide grand jury elects its own foreperson and deputy foreperson from among its members. Florida's statewide prosecutor serves as its legal adviser and attends all sessions or may appoint her or his assistants, any state attorney, or one or more assistant state attorneys to attend sessions of the statewide grand jury and perform the legal adviser’s duties. The statewide grand jury consists of 18 members, with a quorum consisting of 15. 

Judicial supervision of the statewide grand jury is under the control of a presiding judge named by the Florida Supreme Court in its order. All indictments, presentments, and formal returns of any kind made by the statewide grand jury are given to this presiding judge and are filed with the clerk of court named in the Florida Supreme Court's order. 

Statewide Grand Juries & Dates Impaneled

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