Paying Fees Through the Portal

Filers can pay certain fees through the portal for the Supreme Court.

  • Case Filing Fee: $300
  • Notice of Joinder Fee: $295
  • Cross Notice Filing Fee: $295
  • Pro Hac Vice Fee: $100
  • Half Case Filing Fee: $150
  • Motion to Intervene: $295

To access what fees can be paid through the portal, go to the “Document” page after entering the case number. On the “Documents” page, after clicking the “Add” button, navigate to the “Pay Fee” category. Put a check in the box next to the fee that you want to pay. Then, go to the bottom of the page and upload a one (1) page Filing Fee Paid letter, stating that you are paying the fee through the portal.

Filing Information

The fee amount and the fields to enter the payment information will be on the “Review and Submit” page.

eFiling Steps

The eFiling portal website provides eFiling and eRecording capability to users with a single statewide login. Users may utilize the ePortal web interface to submit documents to Clerks and Recorders.

To request eFiling support, please email or call (850) 577-4609.