How the Court Operates

Internal Operations Manual

This Internal Operations ManualPDF Download describes how the Supreme Court of Florida operates on a day-to-day basis and is intended as a guide for the press and the public at large.

The Operation & Jurisdiction of the Florida Supreme Court

This 2005 Operation & Jurisdiction of the Florida Supreme Court PublicationPDF Download is the only comprehensive work on how the Supreme Court of Florida operates. Originally published in the Nova Law Review, this article is not an official publication of the Florida Supreme Court and thus should only be cited the same way any similar law review article would be.

Florida Rules of Procedure 

Florida Rules of Court Procedure  - Listing Located on The Florida Bar website includes:

  • Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure (PDF)
  • Florida Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure
  • Historic Rules/Forms 3.988, 3.990, 3.991, and 3.992.
  • Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure
  • Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms are available on The Florida State Court website
  • Qualified and Court Appointed Parenting Coordinators
  • Florida Rules of Judicial Administration
  • Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure
  • Florida Probate Rules
  • Florida Small Claims Rules
  • Florida Rules of Traffic Court
  • Florida Supreme Court Standards for Electronic Access to the Courts provides guidance and specific technical information about court document filings.
  • Florida Rules for Certification and Regulation of Spoken Language Court Interpreters
  • Florida Rules of Civil Procedure for Involuntary Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators

Rules about how the Bar is governed and regulated

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