Representing Yourself?

Resources for persons serving as their own attorney.

Understanding How the Court Operates

Learn how the court operates using resources on this webpage. You'll find information about internal operating procedures, Supreme Court jurisdiction and the Rules of Court Procedure. 

Pro Se Handbook: A Guide

This Pro Se Handbook is a basic guide to assist someone unable to hire an attorney to advance or defend an appellate matter. The guide was prepared by the Appellate Practice Section of the Florida Bar. 

General Filing Information & Fees

Information to file your documents with the Florida Supreme Court.

Library Research Resources

The Supreme Court Library staff welcomes the opportunity to assist the general public in legal research.  Access to computers, legal databases, a printer and copier are available to the public. However, staff members are limited by law, under section 454.23, Florida Statutes, as to the help they can offer. 

Florida Courts HELP 

The Florida Courts HELP website lists legal resources and links to local law libraries.

Download the Florida Courts HELP app.