Self-Guided Tour of the Supreme Court of Florida

Welcome to the Supreme Court of Florida - Highest Court in the Third Branch of Government!

There are three branches of government in Florida: Executive (carries out laws), Legislative (makes laws), and Judicial (applies laws to specific legal cases). The Supreme Court of Florida has been in continuous existence since it was created by the Act of Congress admitting Florida into the Union on March 3, 1845. The seven justices of the court make up the highest tribunal in the state of Florida and are answerable only to the U.S. Supreme Court or to changes made in to Constitution itself. There is at least one courthouse in each of the 67 counties, in the 20 Judicial Circuits, and in the five District Court of Appeals around Florida. The Florida Supreme Court is considered the "court of last resort." This means it is the highest court in the state and the only one that can resolve legal issues on a statewide basis.

The Florida Supreme Court moved to its current location in 1948. It consists of four floors and houses the seven Justices, and their staffs, and other employees necessary to perform duties in managing the entire Florida Judicial Branch of Government. Florida's Chief Justice is the top administrative officer and head of the Judicial Branch. The Chief Justice exercises these statewide duties with the help of administrative staff in Tallahassee. They help coordinate management through a statewide system that relies heavily on input and decision-making by the judges of all the lower courts in Florida.

Please, no food or drinks in the Courtroom.

Now, let's begin our tour! (straight ahead)